- Exhibitions -

Exhibition in New York

As one of the Top 60 Masters 2019 I have designed unique glass for this particular exhibition.
My inspiration is the Statue of Liberty and the symbols she represents.

I have chosen to work with the following symbols in 3 works based on the theme LIBERTY

1st Glass Art:

Title: ”The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”, – the 1st line of the national anthem.

The 7 serrations in the Statue of Liberty symbolize the 7 continents – the 7 oceans
– The broken links symbolize freedom

I have also included the first words of the Constitution WE THE PEOPLE ……

2nd Glass Art:

Title: ”The Promised Land”

The Promised Land of the United States, to which our ancestors emigrated. The dream of a better life.

I use the ships as symbols. They sailed to the island of Long Island.
The Statue of Liberty with the 7 serrations – the 7 continents – the 7 oceans are also reflected here.

3rd Glass Art:

Title: ”The Torch of Liberty enlightening the World”

The torch of the Statue of Liberty symbolizes the Torch of Life

Exhibition in Dubai

In 2017 I exhibited at the World Art Dubai, in World Trade Center, from the 12th to the 15th April.

In connection with visiting Dubai, I have been interviewed and this article has been published.”
“In Dubai, I find inspiration…”

I am very honored and proud of this unique nomination at World Art Dubai.

Steven Burgert and I in conversation about my art.

Exhibition in USA

“Through my collaboration with the Consulate General in New York, Benthe Montalvo, my art has been introduced to the U.S. market.
Benthe Montalvo visited my gallery in Bøvlingbjerg and could see the possibilities of exhibiting in the United States: “I know of a gallery in Beverly Hills. Here customers walk in and say: “Decorate my house!” And your art fits perfect there! “
Benthe Montalvo has traveled around with my art to 20 exclusive galleries and design stores in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago.
At Easter 2012 I opened my first show in Manhattan, New York.
10 interested customers from Lemvig attended the the opening, where Ambassador in New York, Torben Gettermann gave the opening speech!
I had to pinch my arm to realize that I WAS awake!!
Now I exhibit popularly speaking in: New York, Chicago and ….. Bøvlingbjerg! “
Agnethe Maagaard

Galleri ID Chicago

Jihane Khawam, Gallery Chez Moi, San Francisco:
“Maagaard`s work, like all great artists’, is simply alive.
It tells a story,
it reports a dream,
it reflects a feeling,
it places an imagine in front of a passion and more importantly creates the need to look at it and reflect on what it means to each one of us!”

Statement from my friend and gallery owner in Chicago:
“It is a great honour and pleasure to meet you. It has been a wonderful experience to allow clients to learn more and appreciate your work. Much continued success in the future.“
Kind regard Steven Burgert.
Gallery I.D, North Halsted, Chicago

Ambassador Torben Gettermann gave the opening speech at the first show in BLOOM, Manhattan, NY

BLOOM, Manhattan, NY

Ambassador Torben Gettermann gives good advice on the US marked.

Glass Art Black feather

My gift Glass Art Black feather to the Danish consulate in New York.
It now stands on the ambassador table


8 people from Lemvig showed up to my private view at Manhattan. A very proud artist accepts!

high school classmate

My old high school classmate the American Susan Bove also turned up for the opening.